Honest Ripple Rug Review

If you’re like me, then chances are you’ve stressed over your cat being sufficiently entertained while you’re away from home. Whether you are out of town or even at work, your cat is a living, breathing organism that requires constant mental and physical stimulation in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

Like many other cat dads, I was determined to find the perfect solution that would keep my fuzzy companion satisfied while I was away. I began researching all sorts of products that were non-toxic and safe—but most importantly, affordable. Of course, I came up with a few requirements that any prospective cat toy had to meet in order for it to enter Charlie’s life (which, by the way, is my cat).

Charlie in the Ripple RugA little obvious, but important nonetheless:

– Multi-functional
– Environmentally friendly
– Non-toxic (especially if accidentally ingested)
– Durable (with non-fraying material)

Recommended to me by a friend, the Ripple Rug is a quintessential must-have toy for any kitty that spends part of its day alone. Let’s get this straight: my cat is absolutely obsessed with the Ripple Rug. So, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about this cat-tastic activity mat—from the positives and negatives to my own feline’s personal addiction.

Intuitively Designed & Built to Last

The first thing that immediately caught my attention was the Ripple Rug’s well-thought, ergonomic design. Constructed of non-toxic, post-consumer recyclables and hypoallergenic polyester fiber, this breathable activity mat has met countless guidelines to ensure your feline’s absolute safety. Ripple Rug’s full list of certifications.


From napping, hiding, nesting and even playing, the Ripple Rug is designed to satisfy your cat’s most primal instincts. This product’s top-layer rug features 12 touch-point Velcro fasteners, all of which attach to the bottom layer. Complete with a unique non-slip coating and 12 different-sized holes, you can easily create tunnels, burrows and hide-outs; warp the mat into nearly any shape you desire.

Fat Cat Alert: Larger holes have expandable safety slits, so even the chubbiest kitty won’t get stuck.

Charlie will pull and tear at nearly anything she can get her claws on—thankfully she hasn’t destroyed our carpets or furniture—but I didn’t want to put her at risk by accidentally ingesting something. Good thing the manufacturer, Snuggly Cat, already thought this through.

“The special carpet ribbed needle-punch construction is designed not to fray. That means no stray threads to chew on. (Even if you decide to cut the carpet with sharp scissors, the carpet doesn’t produce little crumbs/bobbles).”

After reading the company’s product safety page, you’ll rest much easier knowing your furry family member is out of harm’s way.

Compact but Large: Size Comparison & Travel

Size wise, the Ripple Rug is considerably much larger when compared to similar products—such as the Petlinks Busy Body Activity Mat. On average about 500 percent larger than other mats, according to Snuggly Cat.

With fully extended dimensions of 35 x 47 inches, this cat playground is not only ideal for entertaining multiple cats, it is slim enough to fold up and stow away when entertaining guests. If you frequently travel with your feline friend, the Ripple Rug can serve as a go-to safe haven that he or she will immediately recognize and feel at home with—especially after they’ve marked their scent.

Charlie is a fiend when it comes to cardboard, carpet and paper bags. So, If your cat will go absolutely HAM on an amazon box, then this activity mat is exactly what you need. Think of it as a durable, shapeable box or bag that can be easily broken down and stored—not to mention cleaned (it’s machine washable, too)!

Why Spend Money on the Ripple Rug?

Charlie Ripple Rug 2For some people, it all comes down to cost. You can get your very own Ripple Rug on Amazon for $46, although it’s way cheaper on Shopify—as low as $39.

I mean, yeah, you could opt for those cheaply-manufactured (and questionably unsafe) pet toys that are only 25 cents a pop, but why put your pet’s health at risk? You are trying to find a product that will positively affect your cat’s life—not end it!

The Ripple Rug is a non-toxic, eco-friendly product that will satisfy your cat’s instinctual desires. If you are still on the fence or simply cannot spend the money, there are many other cheap-but-safe alternatives to keep your cat happy.

Starbound 1.3 Update

It’s Friday! Let me give you the rundown for the rest of the day: I have an immense amount of laundry to do and articles to write, documents to prepare, games to play—and a whole bunch of other very important things that I need to get done.

I also have some questions. Like, when is Starbound releasing the 1.3 update? Customizable space stations and battle mechs, a reconfigured navigation
system, bug fixes—all great things. I mean, look at this .gif!

Starbound 1.3 [UNSTABLE]
After typing this I had to check on the update, and it’s actually now available on the unstable build. So, there’s that.
Speaking of Starbound, I need to get this gaming server and forum squared away… 

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for my Starbound server and forum, shoot me a message! I don’t have much time to play or monitor the forum these days—at all—so it’d be a pretty simple gig.

Well, that was just one question. I guess this turned into a Starbound rant.