Starbound 1.3 Update

It’s Friday! Let me give you the rundown for the rest of the day: I have an immense amount of laundry to do and articles to write, documents to prepare, games to play—and a whole bunch of other very important things that I need to get done.

I also have some questions. Like, when is Starbound releasing the 1.3 update? Customizable space stations and battle mechs, a reconfigured navigation
system, bug fixes—all great things. I mean, look at this .gif!

Starbound 1.3 [UNSTABLE]
After typing this I had to check on the update, and it’s actually now available on the unstable build. So, there’s that.
Speaking of Starbound, I need to get this gaming server and forum squared away… 

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for my Starbound server and forum, shoot me a message! I don’t have much time to play or monitor the forum these days—at all—so it’d be a pretty simple gig.

Well, that was just one question. I guess this turned into a Starbound rant.


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