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Your All-Inclusive Air Quality Solution

Senville is a renowned manufacturer of premium mini-split air conditioners, with over 20 years of industry experience to keep you and your family comfortable. Since the beginning, this multinational brand has always strived to develop quality products that are both affordable and energy conscious, offering dual heat/cool systems that ensure your complete satisfaction.

From the design process to product manufacturing, everything Senville does is in the best interest of their customers. The air quality brand is constantly improving their line of ductless air conditioners, providing convenient features and functions that many competitors offer at a premium.

If you live in a house or condominium without any type of central AC, or are looking to invest in a unit that will supplement all rooms in your home, there is simply no better choice than Senville.

The Benefits of Aura Series Mini Splits

Our Senville Aura Series mini splits are well-equipped to meet a wide range of your needs. These self-contained systems are designed with your comfort in mind, offering up to 24,000 BTUs of cooling and heating power with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) as high as 23. Each Aura Series model features innovative inverter technology, which helps minimize temperature fluctuation in a room while consuming minimal energy, so you can enjoy maximum comfort any time of the year. As if it couldn’t get any better, all of our Senville appliances are ENERGY STAR certified, so you can rest assured knowing your top contender is smart, efficient and environmentally friendly. We offer single zone systems to treat specific spaces as well as multi-zone units for multiple rooms in your home.

Aside from cooling or heating your desired space, Senville’s self-contained air conditioners offer multifunctional use for a wide range of applications. Instead of switching on your air purifier or dehumidifier, Aura Series mini splits can simultaneously pull excess moisture from your space—all the while cleansing overall air quality.

One of the most convenient benefits of a Senville mini split is its versatile design. These accommodating ACs require absolutely no type of ductwork or complicated installations; a HVAC professional can easily complete this process while keeping contractor costs down. The indoor components for these systems take up virtually no floor space, so you can easily outfit the most compact rooms with your ideal climate conditions. It should be noted, however, that Senville’s warranty will only remain valid if the appliance is installed by a certified HVAC contractor. And with one of the most extensive warranties in the industry—seven years on the compressor and two for parts—there’s no reason to not take advantage.

No matter if it’s heat of summer or dead of winter, this brand’s split air conditioners tout countless safety features to guarantee a safe, reliable operation. Each unit comes standard with self-diagnosis technology, which constantly monitors the overall operation—immediately shutting down at any indication of abnormal or unsafe activity. Additional safety features include Refrigerant Leak Detection, auto-restart function and automatic defrost.

Live Happier with a Senville

From wireless remotes that regulate ambient conditions to self-cleaning functions that minimize overall maintenance, Senville appliances offer state-of-the-art convenience for any room of your home. Browse our collection of Senville mini splits, compare models, choose your accessories and take home a long-lasting solution for staying comfortable.

Enjoy the many benefits of a premium air quality system at only a fraction of the price.