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Water filter pitchers provide consumers with a simple and fast way to remove contaminants from their tap water. Unlike many other filtration systems, these water pitchers are affordable and easy to install, making a huge difference in your quality of water. Over the last few decades, there has been a huge debate over the true quality of municipal water sources; some say the water is safe while others assert that it is dangerous. Our selection of water pitchers can easily cut through this dispute, supplying you and your family with fresh, clean water.

Ensure your household’s water supply is free of abrasive chemicals, harmful minerals and other impurities—and enjoy the many health benefits a water filter pitcher can provide.

What Exactly Does a Water Filter Pitcher Remove?

While you may have a general understanding on where the majority of our drinking water stems from (i.e. groundwater, surface water), how does it get contaminated—and with what exactly? Water filter pitchers can remove a wide variety of contaminants from your drinking water, including the following types:

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and iron are sporadically found in some water sources. These metals can be immensely dangerous if consumed in large quantities, so it’s best if they are avoided at all costs. Frequent consumption of these minerals can lead to life-threating conditions such as lead poisoning and cancer. Other metals may include arsenic, barium, copper, selenium and nickel—just to name a few. These inorganic substances are commonly found in our supply due to runoff wastewater, mining and other man-made activities, as well as other natural processes.


Fluoride is one of the most widely-known water contaminants. This compound is the primary ingredient in toothpaste, but it is commonly added to municipal water supplies as well. There has been a huge debate over this practice, with many people flocking to both sides of the issue. The long-term detrimental effects of fluoride in drinking water have not been studied extensively. One of the most common sources of fluoride comes from phosphorite rock, more specifically the mineral apatite, which has a high phosphate and fluoride content.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs for short, include a variety of herbicides, pesticides and other industrial chemicals. These abrasive contaminants are frequently deposited into water sources around the world and usually result from agricultural and industrial runoff.

The impact and prevalence of these chemicals are debatable, but the health benefits of clean water are not. A water filter pitcher has the capability to remove these chemicals in a relatively short period of time. They are the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to consume the aforementioned contaminants.

An Alternative to Bottled Water

Many people have claimed that bottled water is an acceptable alternative to water filter pitchers. These claims have given rise to many critics of bottled water due to the following reasons. Bottled water is extremely expensive, as well as one of the largest sources of waste on the planet. These plastic bottles contain many man-made chemicals, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), which have been thought to pollute the water as well as cause health problems.

Water filter pitchers combat all of the issues above and help you to sustain the environment while doing so. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars a year on bottled water when a single pitcher can provide clean water for just as long.

The Benefits of Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitchers use activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, to remove many of the contaminants that are commonly found in municipal water sources. They are fairly inexpensive and are capable of removing chlorine and other heavy metals from your drinking water. The plastic bodies are BPA free, and unlike water bottles, you will never have to worry about consuming contaminants from the container itself. When you need more water, simply refill the unit at your own convenience. There is no installation required, and their portable nature allows you to take them anywhere.

The filtration systems within our pitchers are well-suited to remove chemicals, sediments and bacteria up to eight times faster than competing brands. This process also increases the water’s pH, which in turn provides you with numerous antioxidants and a wide range of hydration properties. In short, your water is not only cleaner, but significantly healthier and better tasting. The pitcher itself is extremely durable, and you will only need to replace the carbon filter periodically.

Stop Worrying About Contaminants

There will be no need to worry about your family consuming polluted drinking water after purchasing a water filter pitcher. Here at Allergy&Air, we offer a wide selection of EPA-approved filtration systems—all at affordable prices that can’t be. Don’t tolerate a tainted water supply any longer, browse our catalog of water filtration and find your ideal solution today.


Beautifully Designed, Innovative Heating

What was once a home-necessity for staying warm has since transformed into a modern convenience for the industry of heating. Fireplaces have a rich history that dates back to the prehistoric era, providing users with a life-saving heating source as well as a means for preparing food. As technology advanced, the demand for wood-burning fireplaces steadily decreased; many homes today are now built without any type of furnace, hearth or fireplace.

If you enjoy the visual ambience and supplemental warmth of a traditional fireplace but cannot afford the upkeep or installation costs, then it may be time to invest in a mantel fireplace from Allergy&Air. With more designs, finishes and features than you could imagine, these energy-saving appliances are modern essentials for the everyday renter or homeowner.

Save Money with Electric & Gel Fireplaces

If you live in a dated house or apartment with a wood-burning fireplace already built in, can you recall how many times it has actually been used? Ventilation on its own can become an issue, with occasional cold drafts and extensive maintenance to prevent creosote buildup—which is highly flammable. With no costly installation fees or any form of ventilation required, our selection of electric and gel-fueled mantel fireplaces are ideal alternatives for your home.

Whether it’s in the living room, master bedroom or entertainment area, these eye-catching units are easy to install and simple to use—emitting no type of smoke, soot, ash or creosote, along with a number of other harmful particulates. These eco-friendly appliances tout safety features that allow you to relax free of worry, with glass fronts that remain cool to the touch and durable fireboxes with chainmail screens for added protection. Additional safety features include anti-topple hardware and auto-shutoff functions that ensure your safety is always first in mind.

Unlike traditional mantel fireplaces, which require real seasoned firewood, these high-efficiency models are designed for low-cost operation. Our assortment of indoor electric fireplaces need only a standard outlet, so you can have final say for whichever type of installation you prefer. Gel models are equally as convenient, requiring cans of gel fuel to produce BTUs of warm relief. Because of their ingenious designs and non-permanent applications, these faux fireplaces can be easily transported to any room in need of cozy comfort. And, better yet, once the cold winter months have passed, you can quickly tuck these units away in storage or switch off the heat function for a year-round display (electric models only).

Effortless Integration Amongst Your Decor

No matter your home’s style, whether it’s colonial or contemporary-modern, there are a wide array of mantel types and finishes that will seamlessly blend in with any setting you decide. We carry many different models from leading fireplace brands—each with unique features and functions—that ensure optimal comfort while creating a beautiful display throughout the room.

Choose from traditional and corner-fit fireplaces that vary in hearth design, firebox height as well as the firebox opening—from rectangular and fully arched openings to everything in between. Some units boast handcrafted trim for an extravagant finish that’ll complement any room’s crown molding, while others tout clean lines and minimalist accents—a versatile choice for any set of décor. Brands like Dimplex and Real Flame offer add-on accessories that further enhance your display, with acrylic ice media and realistic log displays, along with glass door kits and expandable decorative trim kits.

Your Dream Display is Only a Click Away

Whether you prefer the advanced and customizable technology of an electric fireplace or the clean-burning warmth that a gel-powered unit supplies, our ever-growing collection of mantel fireplaces will easily enhance any space with BTUs of supplemental heat.

Create the built-in illusion you’ve always wanted without the taxing hassle of maintenance or installation costs.


Create a Comfortable Oasis in Your Home

If you have ever lived in an older house, apartment or condominium in the United States, then the chances are you’ve had a traditional-style fireplace. Do you remember how many times it was actually used—if ever at all? From the chimney and firestop to the overall foundational structure, maintaining a traditional fireplace can get expensive.

Today, more and more homes are designed without any type of fireplace—gas or wood-burning—but you can still enjoy a decorative fireside display, along with BTUs of supplemental heat, with a corner fireplace from Allergy&Air.

The Convenience of Corner Fireplaces

Unlike standard fireplaces, our selection of corner fireplaces are affordable and easy to maintain, and best off all, they require absolutely no type of ventilation. Available in both electric and gel-fueled models, these modern fireplaces are designed to accommodate the empty corner spaces of your home—emitting a maximum 4,700 BTUs of toasty warmth throughout the room. You no longer have to worry about harmful particulates or emissions, smoke, soot or ashes.

Because these units are free of stationary chimneys and other components, they can be installed and reinstalled in whichever setting you prefer; you can appreciate the beautiful display of dancing flames in virtually any room of your home. In addition to heating, our electric corner fireplaces offer additional features that allow you to enjoy a unique flame presentation in the warm months as well as the cold. If you prefer a strictly seasonal application, you can very easily stow these fireplaces in storage for next year.

Customize Your Flames

With today’s technology, enjoying a realistic fireside experience has never looked better or been more customizable. Our selection of electric models come equipped with many features that allow you to personalize your display to suit any setting or occasion. Using the control panel or included remote, you can very easily modify flame brightness settings, create timed operations and adjust temperature output. Brands such as Real Flame and Dimplex utilize advanced technology to create an illusion so realistic, you may not be able to tell the difference from the real thing. Whether you are relaxing in the den or living room—or from the comfort of your own bed—you can control all aspects of an electric corner fireplace from the palm of your hand.

Although gel-fueled units cannot be controlled with a remote control, they supply an equally satisfying display and heat output without the need of electricity. Our gel corner fireplaces operate using gel fuel, which consists of gelled isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is an environmentally preferable fuel source—burning clean without any trace of soot, ash or smoke. You can use up to three cans of gel fuel at one time; each can of fuel produces a heat output of 3,000 BTUs per hour.

Invest in Decor with a Purpose

Corner fireplaces are unique furniture pieces that enhance your room’s style as well as the level of comfort. From their clean lines and elegant trim to the striking finishes that look great in any home, the workmanship of these units is unparalleled.

Our selection of fireplaces provide supplemental warmth throughout the cold winter months, while serving as an eye-catching display that can be embraced anytime of the year. If you are struggling to fill that empty void in the corner of your room, browse our collection of corner fireplaces and take home the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Relax in Style

If you live in an urban city or are considering moving to one, then you may have realized that home’s with wood-burning fireplaces are hard to come by. While property values are on the rise, the amount of available square footage sadly isn’t, and it can be difficult—near impossible—to find an apartment, condominium or house with enough room to accommodate an electric fireplace.

Chances are you already have a television, so why not invest in a multi-functional appliance that will hold the entirety of your DVD collection, AV equipment and game consoles—all while emitting a warm, fireside glow? Affordable and easy to maintain, fireplace TV stands offer a modern-day convenience for keeping any space comfortable and cozy.

Fireplace TV Stand Benefits

It’s time to ditch your clunky media cabinet! No matter your taste or room’s style of décor, we have an impressive array of console fireplaces that are sure to fit right in. Choose from traditional, transitional and contemporary designs—each with unique, eye-catching finishes—along with convenient features that help declutter your area as much as possible. These consoles also vary in width, so you can find the best unit to complement your television.

Staying warm throughout the chilly fall and winter months is definitely a challenge, but it’s not impossible! Instead of exhausting your HVAC system to heat every room in your home, switch on an electric fireplace and enjoy up to 5,118 BTUs of supplemental heat. Most models come standard with digital control panels that display the set temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, while others utilize g-wave technology—allowing you to activate your fireplace with the wave of a hand. Whenever you get home, switch on the heat-boost function to quickly warm a room; and as the seasons transition to spring/summer, shut off the heater to enjoy decorative flame ambiance—any time of the year!

Media console fireplaces are built for your convenience! Free of costly installation fees, complicated wiring jobs, and time-consuming maintenance work, these easy-to-install decorative heaters are ideal choices for any lifestyle—especially those with very limited free time. Unlike traditional, chimney-based fireplaces which are stationary and permanent, our selection of console units are simple to transport and even simpler to set up. They plug into any standard outlet, so you can avoid the wild goose-chase of trying to find a compatible socket.

Enjoy Warm, Fireside Ambience Today

Whether you are replacing an outdated media cabinet or looking for a supplemental heating source, at Allergy&Air, we have just what you need. Shop models that allow you to customize flame brightness and color, switch between modes and features, and even adjust the set temperature—all from the palm of your hand.

Browse well-known brands like Classic Flame, Dimplex and Real Flame, and take home an electric fireplace that’s engineered for comfort.


Enhance the Look & Feel of Your Home with a Fireplace Heater

Do you love the warmth and look of a traditional fireplace, but can’t stand the maintenance or live in a home without one? Since the early 2000’s, nearly 50% of all new houses and apartments are built without fireplaces—and it’s only increasing. Without the need for chimneys, smokestacks or actual firewood, our selection of electric and gel fireplaces are affordable, energy-efficient alternatives for staying comfortable.

When you shop on Allergy&Air, you’ll notice a diverse assortment of fireplaces in many different sizes, styles, outputs and finishes, so you can easily find the perfect accent piece for any scenario.

Virtually No Maintenance

Whether you’re tired of cleaning the chimney—or just don’t want to clean the chimney—electric and gel fireplaces require virtually no maintenance. This means no scrubbing, no costly service fees; just an occasional dusting, wipe down or lightbulb change. While traditional fireplaces emit ash, soot and a number of other pollutants, our selection of fireplaces do not! Not only are our models low-maintenance, they’re environmentally friendly and rated for safety.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or what type of unit you’re looking for, navigate through our collection of best-selling fireplaces. Choose from gel and electric units, along with convenient features that allow you to customize the flame color, brightness, heat level and even spark intensity!

Fireplaces for Every Occasion

Provide your living room, bedroom or study with the look of a traditional fireplace by choosing a mantle-style fireplace. These home-heaters come in a range of finishes to fit any space in need of a beautiful, warm focal point. If you don’t have any room against the wall, consider purchasing a corner fireplace. Available in gel or electric, these units take up very limited room—providing a seamless appearance that looks like it has always been there.

Electric stove fireplaces offer an authentic display that is great for dated, renovated and rustic-themed homes. You are able to provide the illusion of a wood-burning fireplace without any ventilation, all while maintaining the charm your home’s original design.

For spaces with very limited floor space, wall-mounted/built-in fireplaces are the best choice. These models are entirely electric, and all of them can operate with any standard outlet, so you can have the final say where your heater will go. For an attractive eye-catcher in your entryway or entertainment room, our floating fireplaces are top contenders.

Are you searching for a convenient solution to store your DVDs, games and AV equipment, and hold up your TV? If so, look no further than our selection of Fireplace TV Stands. Choose from contemporary, traditional and transitional styles, and find a unit that’s best fit for your television.

Is your current home already equipped with a wood-burning fireplace? Instead of wasting gas and firewood, why not convert it into an electric or gel fireplace? Free of mantles and other wooden exteriors, fireboxes allow you to transform any existing fireplace into a beautiful display that burns brighter, and more efficiently, than it ever would before.

Upgrade Your Home Today

Whether or not your home already has a chimney or furnace, our collection of fireplaces are low-cost alternatives for staying warm, comfortable and cozy. Aside from fireplaces, we have each and every accessory you could possibly need—from gel fuel sets and glass door kits to programmable thermostats and mantel trim.

Quit missing out on holiday traditions, warm your living room, and enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient fireplace.


Are you seeking an energy-efficient alternative to traditional, wood-burning fireplaces, but aren’t sure where to begin or what type of appliance you’re looking for? Free from ash, creosote and other harmful pollutants, our selection of best-selling fireplaces are top contenders for any setting.

Here at Allergy&Air, your comfort has always been our top priority. We’ve compiled the best-of-the-best fireplace models, from old-fashioned mantel designs to contemporary media consoles, so you can easily select the perfect unit for your space.

Benefits of Electric & Gel Fireplaces

Deciding to purchase an electric or gel fireplace is not only a smart decision, but is easy on your wallet. Traditional fireplaces are expensive to install and costly to maintain—not to mention time consuming. Free from chimneys and smokestacks, our best-selling fireplaces require zero ventilation and can be conveniently installed wherever you desire. Aside from ventilation, you no longer have to worry about stocking up on firewood, along with all of the ash and maintenance that come with it. Electric and gas models only ever require an occasional dusting, lightbulb change or display wipe down. Not only are our best-selling fireplaces low maintenance, they’re environmentally friendly and rated for safety.

If there is already a wood-burning fireplace in your home, then a fireplace insert may be the best choice. Free of mantels and other wooden exteriors, these versatile units are ideal for fireplace conversions, and can serve as great replacements for older electric fireplaces.

Whether it’s for your living room, bedroom or office, our collection of best-selling fireplaces are designed to ensure your space is both comfortable and inviting. Electric fireplaces emit up to 5,200 BTUs of heat for rooms 1,000 square feet in size, with many features and functions that enhance your fireside experience. Most models allow you to customize the flame color and brightness, switch between heat levels and operative modes, along with much more! As the seasons change and weather begins to warm up, switch off the heat output to enjoy year-round ambiance, without sweating.

Fireplaces that require gel fuel may have less features, but their total 9,000 BTU output and real-flame display is highly regarded. Gel fuel is affordable, burns clean and lasts much longer than seasoned firewood. Constructed of fiber-reinforced concrete, powder-coated steel, solid wood and MDF veneers, our best-selling gel fireplaces are well made and built to last.

Available in a multitude of styles, sizes and finishes, these advanced heaters are the ultimate additions to homes in need of supplemental warmth.

Best-Selling Fireplaces for Your Home

Whether you are renovating your home, trying to replace an older model or simply just want to keep warm, our best-selling electric and gel fireplaces are low-cost alternatives to staying comfortable and cozy. No matter the size of your home, how big or small , we know you’ll find the perfect unit for your space. Shop reputable brands like Classic Flame, Dimplex and Real Flame, and enjoy the many benefits of an energy-efficient fireplace.


Save Space and Stay Cool

Are you in need of supplemental air conditioning but just don’t have any window or floor space to spare? If you answered yes, then it’s time to consider investing in a built-in wall air conditioner. Similar to window AC’s, these through-the-wall units take up virtually no floor space and only require a minimal amount of room to complete the installation.

Here at Allergy&Air, your comfort is our top priority. For over 17 years, we’ve been committed to providing the best air conditioner brands at a price that just can’t be beat—so you can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy a blast of fresh air.

Why You Should Consider a Built-In Wall AC

Ideal additions to dated homes, compact condominiums and even apartment buildings, our selection of through-the-wall air conditioners have no problem servicing rooms of any size. Choose from models with over 12,001 BTUs of power for large rooms or spaces; 9,001 – 12,000 BTU units for medium-sized spaces—such as living rooms or even apartments; or smaller 5,000-9,000 BTU outputs for the one room in your house that never feels cool.

Whether it’s an ice-cold winter night or smolderingly hot summer day, some of these units are capable of cooling/heating a space to ensure for your complete comfort, any time of the year. In addition, many of these appliances are Energy Star rated for their efficient operation, meaning they meet and exceed standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star-rated air conditioners use at least 10% less energy AND cost under $70 a year to run.

When you’re searching for the perfect model to suit your space, it’s important to pay attention to each brand’s features, as this will affect the cost and efficiency of the appliance. If you plan on installing your through-the-wall in the living room, media room or bedroom, you may want to choose a unit with an included remote control. This provides an added convenience by allowing you to adjust input settings and switch between features such as Energy Saver mode, 24-hour on/off timer, and automatic operation—all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Although it may sound difficult or near impossible, installing a built-in wall AC is a lot easier than you would think. Designed with wall sleeves for secure, permanent installations, these versatile units are constructed for a snug fit that keeps out unwanted drafts and pests. To optimize your unit’s operation, choose an installation space that is away from direct sunlight and kitchen appliances with high heat outputs. Each brand has varying installation guidelines, so be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for precise specifications.

Find Your Ideal Air Conditioner

When you shop at Allergy&Air, you’ll find innovative and practical products that specialize in improving your everyday life. No matter the setting or application, we’re sure you’ll find the best built-in wall air conditioner that fits your space and lifestyle—along with all the accessories you could ever need. Browse our collection of air conditioners and transform your home into a comfortable haven.


Window Air Conditioning: Conserve Energy and Save Money

If you’re on the hunt for an effective solution to keeping your space cooled to the coldest degree, look no further than our selection of window air conditioners. Ever since the first window AC was introduced to the air quality market in 1932, these appliances have been changing the way consumers around the world stay comfortable. Instead of exhausting your central air conditioning to cool the warmest rooms in your home, invest in a compact AC unit to target and eliminate hotspots with ease—all while helping save on energy.

Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioners

Staying comfortable throughout the year can be difficult and tedious, but not with our heat and cool window air conditioners. We offer a wide range of air conditioners with dual heat/cool capabilities to ensure your space is the perfect temperature no matter the season. These Window AC and heating units come in different sizes and power outputs to ensure your space is properly conditioned. Whether you are trying to keep a room cooled from the blistering summer heat or toasty-warm on the coldest of nights, our collection of window air conditioners are readily available with a multitude of styles and finishes, so you can easily find the best choice for your space.

5,000 to 9,000 BTU Window Air Conditioners

Window AC models with 5,000 to 9,000 BTU power outputs are the great for spaces up to 400 square feet. Ideal for bedrooms, offices and living rooms, these units are designed with a number of convenient features to accommodate your specific needs. Take advantage of models with sleep functions to stay comfortable all hours of the night; this function automatically adjusts your appliance’s operation to ensure nothing distracts you from getting the rest you deserve. We offer low profile ionizing ACs with whisper-quiet operation along with EnergyStar rated casements and sliders—all readied with smart functions to transform any home into the best staycation.

9,001 to 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioners

Browse our collection of 9,001 to 12,000 BTU window air conditioners to accommodate medium sized spaces up to 550 square feet. Choose from cool-only and dual heat/cool models to find the best air conditioner for your setting. Models with basic controls are great choices if you know you’ll only need it for a specific purpose. For living rooms and other spaces where you spend a lot of time, investing in an air conditioner with remote controls may be worth your while. Use the remote to conveniently access a number of features, such as Energy Saver mode or sleep function, and adjust your desired temperature setting—all from across the room.

12,001 BTU and Up Window Air Conditioners

Our assortment of 12,001 BTU and up window cooling units are ideal for servicing large rooms over 550 square feet. These powerful air conditioners have a wide variety of features, and offer everything from manual thermostats to digital-touch control panels, so you’ll have no problem finding the top contender for your space. Engineered with high efficiency compressors for effective cooling and adjustable louvers to direct airflow, these advanced window air conditioners will effortlessly keep your home at the perfect degree for years to come.

Energy Star Window Air Conditioners

If you’re searching for an energy efficient solution to keeping your home cool without sacrificing an arm or a leg, click through our selection of Energy Star window air conditioners. These AC units are designed to operate 15% more efficiently than standard models to help you save on utilities while reducing your impact on the environment. In order to acquire an Energy Star certification, appliances must meet strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to guarantee eco-friendly operation.

No matter the size of your room, our expansive catalog has just what you need to keep comfortable throughout the seasons. Browse leading window air conditioner brands, select convenient accessories and start relaxing like never before—all thanks to Allergy&Air.


Home and Commercial Dehumidifiers

Although it can’t be seen, humidity plays an important role in our everyday lives. For warm regions with high levels of moisture to dark, damp spaces that are prone to mold and pest infestations, investing in a dehumidifier is the best way to keep your home’s humidity level both comfortable and healthy.

Unwanted allergens—such as dust mites, mildew and mold—thrive in humid climates, which can lead to a wide spectrum of issues. Aside from skin irritation and other allergy-related symptoms, excess moisture can cause wallpaper to curl, floorboards to warp, musty odors and much more.

If you’re in the market for a new dehumidifier, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our expansive collection and find an industrial-grade solution for maintaining the proper humidity level in your space.

Home Dehumidifiers

Whether you live in a house, apartment or condominium, home dehumidifiers will ensure your space is comfortable and free of excess moisture. Known for their considerable output and range, these reliable units are designed to treat large spaces of up to 70 pints of moisture per day. When you shop our selection of home dehumidifiers, you’ll notice that each unit is Energy Star certified—meaning they comply with strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy—so you can rest assured knowing your top contenders are energy-efficient and safe for the environment. Complete with easy-roll mobile casters, digital-touch control panels and automatic operations, these appliances are ideal additions to any home in need of humidity control.

For small bathrooms, boats and RVs where standard-sized dehumidifiers simply cannot fit, our selection of mini dehumidifiers are just what you need.

Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers

Maintaining the proper humidity level in your basement or crawl space is crucial for your home’s structural integrity, and most importantly, your health. These spaces are often very dark, damp and humid—the ideal conditions for mold growth—causing wood to rot; water stains on the wall or ceiling; along with a plethora of musty, unpleasant odors. Pulling up to 168 pints of moisture from the air per day, basement dehumidifiers are specifically engineered for extreme conditions. These units can operate in temperatures down to the low 40°s, featuring automatic-defrost functions and drain-hose connections that improve efficiencies while enhancing overall longevity. Prevent disastrous, costly damage in your basement or crawlspace.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

If you have ever lived in a flood zone or worked in the construction industry, then you are probably familiar with the benefits of an industrial dehumidifier. Reinforced with high-efficiency compressors and durable steel exteriors, these commercial-grade units are designed to endure the harshest conditions. We offer a multitude of models with different capacities, sizes and features, so you can find the best unit for your warehouse, factory or restoration project. The first 24-48 hours after a flood are the most crucial, and it’s imperative that you completely dry out your space to prevent unwanted mold and bacteria growth. Our industrial dehumidifiers are able to pull up to 562 pints of moisture per day, and can easily withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -4° to 104°F.

Pump Dehumidifiers

Manually draining your dehumidifier’s condensate tank can be tumultuous and exhausting—not to mention messy. While gravity-drain hoses are used to lead collected condensate down a sink or drain, dehumidifiers with internal drain pumps offer the ultimate convenience by expelling condensate away, both vertically and horizontally. Whether it’s pumping up from the basement or down from the second floor, Pump Dehumidifiers are essential additions to locations with multiple levels of elevation.

Brands You Can Trust

Since 2001, we’ve been dedicated to providing customers with leading humidity control brands—all at an affordable price. Household brands like DanbyFrigidaireFriedrich, and EdgeStar. Click through our extensive catalog of dehumidifiers, along with each and every accessory you could ever need, and choose a model that will maintain a healthy and comfortable humidity level for your home.


Did you know, the air in your home may be two to five times more saturated with allergens, mold, bacteria, dust and hundreds of other irritants? As a matter in fact, indoor air pollution has become one of the top environmental concerns in the country.

Recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency, air purifiers are one of the most effective ways to reduce and eliminate airborne contaminants in your home. Whether you suffer from allergies and asthma or are concerned about your overall health and well-being, an air purifier will ensure your home is comfortable, and most importantly, healthy. Here at Allergy&Air, we are driven to providing consumers with the best-of-the-best air purifier brands—each with unique features and functions that simplify your everyday life.

Allergy & Asthma

The average American spends 90% of their time indoors, and, in the United States alone, it is estimated that one in five people suffer from allergies or asthma. Choosing an air purifier that’s specifically designed for combatting pesky airborne particulates will help alleviate symptoms such as congestion, itchy eyes, skin irritation, and even asthma attacks. Most allergy and asthma air purifiers are equipped with high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters, which trap and remove particles at the sub-micron level. HEPA systems can filter out contaminants as little as 0.003 microns in size, eliminating pollen, dust, mold and pet dander from your home.

Smoke & Odor

Secondhand tobacco smoke is notorious for causing breathing complications, as well as escalating your risk for lung cancer and heart disease. There are thousands of harmful chemicals, gasses and particles found in secondhand smoke, many of them cancer-causing. By choosing an air purifier with activated-carbon filtration, you’re able to combat common household chemicals, smoke, benzene and other VOCs, in addition to many others.

Carbon filters also help eliminate unpleasant odors that are produced from cooking, cleaning and other household activities, while air fresheners only mask the smell rather than correct it. If you live with a smoker or are one yourself, then using one of these air purifiers can provide unparalleled benefits to your respiratory health.

Pet Dander

Everyone loves a furry friend, but unfortunately not all can enjoy their company without uncontrollably wheezing, sneezing or itching. While many people believe animal fur is the culprit for causing these allergic reactions, it’s actually the dander itself. Air purifiers specifically designed for treating pet dander use HEPA filtration to remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particles—even the most microscopic pet dander is filtered out of your air!


If you live in a humid region or have ever had water damage in your home, then you are probably familiar with mold and its many negative effects. While the presence of mold can be undetectable—on your drywall, behind wallpaper, in the attic—the most effective defense against these microscopic menaces is an air purifier. While many use HEPA filtration, some feature four-stage filtration; both inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria and viruses. Once mold spores are trapped in the unit’s filter, they’re rendered powerless and are unable to escape or survive. The best thing about these air purifiers is that they are easy to transport, so you can use them wherever needed.


Children under the age of 18 are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with chronic allergies and asthma, so it’s important to make sure they’re always breathing the healthiest possible air. Air purifiers that are specifically designed for children’s rooms and nurseries emit much less noise, and many feature High efficiency gas absorption (HEGA) carbon cloth, in addition to HEPA filtration technology, to protect your baby from harmful chemicals and particulates. Whether your child is showing signs of respiratory issues or you simply want to protect your family, using a high-efficiency air purifier is an essential, preventative addition to any home.


It is estimated that over 46 million people experience heightened sensitivities from common household chemicals. Eye irritation, headache, sore throat and sinus congestions—just to name a few—are some of the most common symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Your home should be a safe, comfortable haven that’s free of complication and worry, which is why it’s crucial to have an air purifier in your home. Available for both residential and commercial applications, chemical purifiers are customized with unique filters that absorb and eliminate specific gaseous contaminants and odors, so you can finally enjoy a better quality of life.

Improve Your Life WIth an Air Purifier

Allergy&Air has been improving the lives of millions for over 17 years, supplying healthy, pure air to families around the country. Browse our expansive collection of air purifiers and find the best unit for your needs, along with all the replacement filters you could ever imagine—at a price that can’t be beat.


How to Find the Best Refrigerator for Your Home or Office

If you’re looking for a new refrigerator to keep your food, snacks and beverages stored in the best possible conditions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at WineCoolerDirect, we are proud to have one of the largest assortments of refrigerators online. For over 17 years, we have specialized in the wine refrigeration market, providing only the best-of-the-best models from the most reputable brands.

Going far beyond your standard kitchen fridge, we also feature a wide selection of luxurious wine coolers, seamless undercounter fridges and commercial beverage centers, all designed to keep your food and drinks stored at your precise temperature. Whether you’re outfitting the mini-bar, updating the kitchen or enhancing the media room, we know you’ll find the best refrigerator to suit your specific needs.

Wine Refrigerators

It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding wine enthusiast or simply love enjoying a glass with dinner, preserving your wine collection starts with proper refrigeration. Red, white and even sparkling wines require precise specifications in order to protect the quality and prevent premature aging. Luckily for you, our selection of wine coolers are designed to mimic the climate of wine cellars, allowing you to rest easy knowing your precious vintages are aging in the most ideal environment possible.

These wine fridges utilize advanced thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling systems to maintain the ideal temperature and climate, depending on your type of wine. If you’re strictly a fan of reds or whites, then you may be better served with a single-zone wine cooler. On the other hand, dual-zone wine refrigerators are ideal for storing the entirety of your wine collection that consists of different varietals—featuring multiple internal climates that can be easily adjusted to suit the specific style of wine you are keeping inside.

Wine refrigerators come as either built-in or freestanding, each of which are available in wide range of sizes and storage capacities, allowing you to store a few convenient bottles or a large collection that consists of hundreds of bottles. The options are nearly endless.

Beverage Refrigerators

Designed with high-efficiency compressors to achieve temperatures as low as 32°F, beverage refrigerators will effortlessly keep your soda and beer chilled to the coldest degree without freezing. Whether you’re looking for a built-in unit or one suited for commercial use, our selection of beverage fridges all feature a multitude of convenient functions that guarantee your beverages are always ready to enjoy. Digital-touch control panels make selecting your exact temperature as easy as 1-2-3, while LED interior lighting illuminates your refreshments for a beautiful display.

Stock the game room with an unlimited supply of your favorite beer, or keep the kitchen stocked with up to 152 cans of soda for guests; beverage refrigerators will enhance any space with supplemental drink storage.

Undercounter Refrigerators

Despite its location—whether it’s built into the bar or out on the deck—undercounter refrigerators will accommodate the smallest of rooms with spacious storage. We have an expansive collection of black, white, and stainless steel-finished fridges, along with units that support custom overlays, so you can find an ideal refrigerator that is designed to blend into any space setting.

These undercounter appliances are equipped with front-vented technology to allow for a seamless under-counter installation. If you live in a home that requires an ADA-compliant fridge, we offer numerous 32-inch models that will seamlessly fit under lower counter heights.

Many of our refrigerators are outdoor approved, and feature heavy-duty stainless steel exteriors that provide a level of durability while helping create a professional look. For less permanent installations, consider investing in a freestanding refrigerator. These units are easily transportable, making them an essential addition for the everyday entertainer.

How to Find the Best Refrigerator

No matter your intended application, at WineCoolerDirect, you’ll find the perfect refrigerator to complement any style of décor. Choose from an array of options—including the finish, door type and capacity—for a truly customized appearance that’s both beautiful and functional.

To outfit your home with reliable refrigeration, browse our catalog of refrigerators and read the reviews from our customers. If you have any questions about features, models or specs, or would just like a little advice on how to find the best fridge, feel free to give our customer service team a call. No matter what type of refrigerator you are looking to buy, we are confident you will find the best fridge here with us.


Are you tired of making countless trips to the kitchen to grab a drink or some of your favorite snacks? Whether or not your answer is yes, undercounter refrigerators will supply any space with beneficial storage that simplifies our everyday lives. When you browse our selection of built-in fridges, you’ll find a vast assortment of models that vary in size, type, finish and features. No matter your intended application—under the counter, built into cabinetry or left freestanding—we are confident that we the best refrigerator for your home, at a cost that can’t be beat.

The Benefits of a Built-In Fridge

Perfect for small rooms with limited floor space, built-in refrigerators upgrade any area with cubic feet of supplemental storage. These attractive appliances utilize front-venting technology in order to accommodate undercounter installations, pulling exhaust heat away from the compressor to maintain energy efficiencies and ensure longevity. Additionally, many of our refrigeration units are ADA compliant to guarantee a perfect fit under the shortest of counter heights, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll find an ideal fridge to suit your home.

If you feel like you may benefit more from a standalone refrigerator, don’t worry, most of these units are engineered for both built-in and freestanding operation. Freestanding fridges are the best choice for graduation parties, birthday celebrations and other events—anywhere you’d want to enjoy a perfectly chilled refreshment.

Most of these units are designed with powerful, compressor-based systems to achieve temperatures from the mid 50s to the low 30s—some as cold as 32°F—to effectively chill the interior to your preferred settings. With optional security locks to childproof your stock, along with adjustable shelving and beautiful LED interior lighting, these versatile appliances will ensure your desserts, beverages and produce are fresh and ready to enjoy.

For use in your backyard or out on the deck, our selection of outdoor fridges are reinforced to withstand Mother Nature’s harsh outside elements. Fortified with durable stainless steel exteriors and thermal-efficient insulated cabinets, these undercounter fridges are capable of maintaining ultra-low 30° temperatures to chill your bottled beverages and canned sodas to your ideal temperature. Models constructed with framed doors feature low-emission, UV-coated glass which prevents ultra-violet rays and light from affecting the interior temperature. Whether you’re preparing for a barbecue or want to keep your bottles and cans cooled to the perfect degree, an outdoor refrigerator will complete any patio with reliable undercounter storage.

While many people don’t take this into consideration, it’s important to make sure your refrigerator’s door swing will accommodate the intended installation space. Thankfully, many of our models are designed with reversible door hinges to guarantee nothing will deter you from the most compact installations. Whether it’s to match the flow of cabinetry or prevent unwanted door dings, our selection of undercounter refrigerators offer unparalleled functionality.

Finding the Best Undercounter Refrigerator For You

Here at WineCoolerDirect, we are devoted to supplying the wine market with all the accessories, glassware and cooling storage units to help you get the best experience from your favorite bottle of wine. For over 17 years, we have proudly carried only the most trustworthy brands on the market, with a wide selection of undercounter refrigerators of various size capacities, features and finishes.

If you have any questions about functions or specifications, or would just like a little advice on where you should install your new fridge, feel free to give our award-winning customer service team a call. From combination freezer/fridges to units that meet Energy Star requirements, you’ll have no problem finding the best fridge for your home.


An Endless Supply of Ice on Your Countertop

If you enjoy the benefits of owning a built-in ice machine but live in a home where undercounter installations aren’t possible, then it’s time to consider investing in a portable ice maker. Paying premium prices on bags of ice at your local convenience store may seem like a waste, and you’re right. At WineCoolerDirect, we know you’ll find the perfect solution for supplementing any space with up to 48 pounds of pure, restaurant-quality ice. Although these appliances are very compact, we offer a wide variety of models with different production capacities, styles, features and finishes, so you can choose the right ice maker to suit your lifestyle.

Portable Ice Makers for Every Situation

Whether it’s in your RV, sitting on the counter, or kept in the media room, portable ice machines feature slim designs that allow them to fit in the most cramped of spaces. Many units stand no taller than 15 inches, so you can rest assured knowing your ice maker will fit perfectly under any set of cabinetry. We proudly carry portable ice brands such as EdgeStar, Koldfront, and Danby, each with unique functions that set them apart from the other. For example, Danby’s ice makers use “ice ready” alarms to notify you whenever the bins are full of fresh ice, and even have controls to adjust the ice density.

We’ve all had that fridge that is either overflowing with too much ice or not producing nearly enough. Thankfully, EdgeStar ice machines feature automatic on/off timers that allow you to fully customize when your unit creates ice.

There are a multitude of ice shapes and sizes to choose from depending on your preference, including crescent, pearl and gourmet-shaped ice. Depending on the brand and type of ice machine, the shape and size will vary.

Unlike undercounter ice machines that require an inlet water supply to produce ice, portable ice makers can be installed virtually anywhere there’s an outlet. These compact units feature internal reservoirs that provide up to 48 pounds of ice per day, and take as little as 10 minutes to create the first ready-to-serve batch. And, whenever they’re running low on water, you’ll be notified with unique LEDs that illuminate on the control panel.

The best thing about these ice machines is that you’ll actually save more water than if you used a built-in ice maker. While large undercounter units are constantly pulling in fresh water from your water line, portable ice makers are designed to recycle and refreeze melted ice to create even more ice. This reduces the amount of trips you’ll have to make filling up the reservoir, so you can finally kick back and relax with an ice-cold beverage.

Portable ice makers are versatile additions to any setting, providing supplemental amounts of ice that’s perfect for you and your family—or that party you’ve been wanting to host. Navigate through our vast collection of ice makers and supply your home with endless amounts of great-tasting ice.


The Upgrade Your Home Bar Deserves!

As early as the mid-1800’s, ice makers have been supplying households with restaurant quality ice. Although your kitchen fridge probably produces some—it’s never nearly enough—and we’ve all had those moments where you need large amounts of ice, fast. Whether you’re serving drinks at a dinner party or filling up the cooler for a long trip, we offer a multitude of built-in ice machines that will provide pure, gourmet-shaped ice, in a matter of minutes. At WineCoolerDirect, you’ll find awarding-winning brands such as EdgeStar, Koldfront and Summit, so you can easily find the best fit for your home.

Built-In Ice Makers for Every Occasion

While all of our ice makers are capable of producing pounds of ice per day, the shape and quality of the ice varies throughout models. Manufacturers like Ice-O-Matic, for example, are known for their pearl-shaped ice which is commonly found in many restaurants and gas stations. Other types of ice include crescent, nugget and cubed—just to name a few. We have countless units available in different styles, capacities and finishes, so you can find the best ice machine to suit your lifestyle.

No matter the size of your room or the intended application, built-in ice makers are ideal additions to any space they’re in. These appliances feature front ventilation in order to provide a seamless undercounter installation, and many are ADA-compliant to accommodate shorter counter heights. Build a 15-inch unit into the mini-bar for easy access when preparing a few drinks, or keep it near kitchen for whenever you need large amounts of pure ice.

In addition to our selection of low-capacity models, which are ideal for smaller households, we even offer built-in ice machines with large 85-pound outputs.

Although these space-conscious ice makers are intended for undercounter installations, their versatile design allows them to be set up almost anywhere you’d need. So whether you are moving to a new home or having renovations done in the kitchen, your ice machine will excel in any scenario.

If you’ve been trying to outfit your deck or garage with an ice machine that’s tough enough to withstand hot ambient temperatures, then it’s time to invest in an outdoor ice maker. Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and thermal-efficient insulation, these undercounter units can supply up to 34 pounds of ice on the hottest of summer days. Advanced compressor-based cooling technology keeps the interior cabinet as cold as possible, while convenient features like close door assist help optimize energy efficiencies. Quit making countless trips inside to refill drinks or ice trays, and provide your next barbecue with endless amounts of gourmet ice.

Finding the Best Undercounter Ice Maker for You

If you’re tired of paying premium prices for the name brands you know and love, then you’ve come to the right place. At WineCoolerDirect, we are dedicated to providing the most dependable appliances on the market for over 17 years. If have any questions regarding installation tips, or just can’t decide which unit is best suited for your space, feel free to give us a call.

Click through our vast catalog of built-in ice makers and enrich your life with pure, odorless, great-tasting ice.


Your One Stop Drink Shop

If you’re the only wine lover in a household full of beer and soda drinkers, then finding an appliance to meet everyone’s needs may be difficult. Instead of convincing (forcing) your significant other to purchase a wine cooler, instead, think about buying an advanced wine and beverage refrigerator that will supply your family with intuitive, supplemental drink storage.

At WineCoolerDirect, we offer an endless supply of multi-functional coolers with different capacities, functions and finishes, so whether it’s out on the deck or in the corner of your media room, you’ll find the perfect model to suit your needs.

The Benefits of a Wine & Beverage Center

Unlike many canned beverages, different types of wine—such as red, white and sparkling—require precise specifications in order to properly preserve the taste and quality. Luckily for you, most wine and beverage centers utilize dual zone cooling technology to keep your drinks-of-choice stored in the best possible conditions. Engineered with either thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling systems, each zone features independent climate controls which actively monitor and maintain your preferred settings.

With powerful cooling systems capable of reaching temperatures in the mid 30’s to perfectly chill sodas and beer without freezing, these efficient coolers are ideal additions to any space in need of versatile storage.

No matter the size of your wine collection or the intended application, we have a wine and beverage center ready to accommodate your specific needs. By taking up virtually no floor space, our selection of built-in refrigerators are ideal contenders for the most compact of spaces. These chillers feature front ventilation to pull warm exhaust away from the compressor, which optimizes energy efficiencies and enhances overall product longevity. Complete your kitchen with an elegant undercounter display that offers up to 7 cubic feet of convenient wine storage, or flush-mount it with cabinetry for a seamless appearance that guests won’t stop admiring.

Units designed for freestanding operation provide warranted functionality and take no time to set up. Whether it’s resting on the countertop, next to the bookshelf, or under your desk, these coolers can be easily transported for convenient drink access wherever you desire.

Not just any combination fridge can withstand the hot summer heat. If you’re purchasing a unit that’s intended for outdoor use, we’re equipped with many wine and beverage centers that will effectively chill drinks in 100° weather. Fully reinforced with stainless steel exteriors, certified compressors, and insulated glass or stainless steel doors, your new cooler will effortlessly provide chilly refreshments for many summers to come.

Find Your Ideal Cooler

For over 17 years, we’ve specialized in carrying only the best wine and beverage refrigerators. Whether you’re remodeling the entertainment room or trying to optimize as much space as possible, you’ll find just what you need at WineCoolerDirect. If you can’t decide which model will best suit your home or have any questions about the features or specifications, our award-winning customer support team will be waiting to assist you in any way possible.


Designed to Seamlessly Fit Your Lifestyle

Designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen, a built-in wine cooler is a great way to save space and store your wine at the precise serving temperature you prefer. Whether you’re looking to age your wine or just keep a few of your favorite bottles in a convenient location, an undercounter refrigerator is easily the most luxurious way to to store your wine.

Here at WineCoolerDirect, we are proud to have one of the largest assortments of undercounter refrigerators available online. Whether you’re looking for a built-in wine cooler or an undercounter beverage fridge, we have models available in virtually every size, type and finish, with even more features and storage capacities to boot.

How You Will Benefit From A Built-In Wine Cooler

An undercounter wine cooler offers versatile storage in the most convenient location for you. Whether you want to update your kitchen, mini-bar or dining room, all of our undercounter refrigerators have been designed with standard-height countertop installations in mind. There are even many built-in units designed to replace old appliances, such as that trash compactor you haven’t used in years.

No matter how many bottles of wine you’d like to store, we have a multitude of small, medium and large capacity wine refrigerators that can be built into just about any nook and cranny in your home. Smaller undercounter wine coolers allow you to keep a few of your favorite bottles near by and ready to open. Whereas larger fridges can be built into your cabinetry to create a seamless, elegant appearance that not only helps your wine age, but also creates a luxurious look that is guaranteed to impress.

The Difference Between Freestanding & Built-In Fridges

If you plan on installing a wine cooler into your cabinetry, it’s important to know the differences between freestanding units and those designed to be built-in. While any wine cooler can act as a standalone fridge, not all of them are engineered to be built into your cabinets. The key here is providing the proper ventilation for your wine fridge.

In order to accommodate undercounter installations, wine coolers and other types of refrigerators must be designed to have ventilation in the front of the unit. This is important because front-venting units prevent unwanted overheating by pulling warm exhaust away from the compressor. While fully integrated wine refrigerators are designed without front ventilation, the housing they are sealed in must have a back air vent at the base. If you install a wine cooler into your countertops and it doesn’t have the proper ventilation, then it will likely overheat and, ultimately, have a shorter lifespan than you’d expect.

Finding the Best Undercounter Refrigerator For Your Wine

When it comes to buying an undercounter wine cooler, you’ll quickly notice that you have a wide range of options to choose from. The amount of features, finishes and sizes presented to you may seem a bit overwhelming to a casual observer. To help you find the best wine cooler for your needs, we would recommend considering the types of wine and beverages you plan on storing inside of it, as well as how much storage space you truly need.

For example, if your wine collection consists of a variety of red, white and sparkling wines, then you will definitely want to consider a built-in wine cooler that has multiple temperature zones. This feature is a must-have for anyone that commonly collects or drinks different types of wine. Multiple temperature zones give you more flexibility to store different varietals inside the same fridge, but adjust each zone to the optimal temperature for that specific type of wine. This allows you to keep your red and white wines, or other types of beverages, at their perfect serving temperature and always ready to serve.

Another feature to consider is the door itself. You obviously want your built-in wine cooler to match the decor of the room its located in, but you also need to consider whether it can block out the harmful light that can affect the aging process. You can choose a solid door available in black, platinum or stainless steel, but you also have the option of buying a fridge with a glass front. If this is more your style, then it’s important to get an insulated dual-pane glass that is designed to block out UV rays. This not only blocks out harmful light, but helps regulate the temperature as well.

Additionally, many undercounter wine coolers feature reversible door hinges. This feature allows you to adjust which way the door swings open, giving you a little more flexibility in where you install the fridge. It can be very frustrating to find out that your fridge is unable to accommodate its intended space — all because of door swing.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old trash compactor or doing a complete remodel in your kitchen, a built-in refrigerator is one of the best ways to store your wine and improve the value of your home. With our large assortment of built-in wine coolers, we are confident you will find the right unit for your home and lifestyle. If you have any questions about installations, features—or just can’t seem to choose between two undercounter models—give us a call. We are ready to guide you and answer all of your questions.


Keep Your Drinks Cold & Ready to Serve

Keep your favorite canned and bottled drinks at the optimal serving temperature by investing in a beverage refrigerator from We offer a wide range of beverage coolers in various styles, sizes and finishes to accommodate any setting you need. Whether it’s for a newly renovated kitchen or outside on the deck, you’ll have no problem finding the best model to suit your lifestyle.

Freestanding Beverage Refrigerators

Choose from our selection of freestanding beverage refrigerators and invest in a cooler with unwarranted versatility. We have a large assortment of standalone fridges with storage capacities from 62 to 206 cans, along with beverage centers as large as 14.5 cubic feet, so you can easily find the best model for your space. Freestanding beverage refrigerators are the best choice for graduation parties, birthday celebrations and other occasions—anywhere you’d want to enjoy a perfectly chilled refreshment. Most of these units are designed with powerful compressor-based cooling systems to achieve temperatures from the mid 50s to low 30s—some as cold as 32°F—to effectively chill your drinks to the coldest temperature without freezing. With optional security locks to childproof your collection and adjustable shelving to accommodate wine and other beverages, these compact coolers will ensure your drinks are always ready to consume.

Built-In Beverage Refrigerators

Optimize your storage capacity and save precious floor space by investing in a built-in beverage refrigerator. These undercounter coolers are engineered with a front-venting design to allow for convenient installations in kitchens, home bars and entertainment rooms. Our selections are some of the slimmest on the market, offering unparalleled versatility with left or right-hinged door configurations and storage options up to 152 cans of your favorite drinks. There are a multitude of sizes, door styles and finishes so you can find the best fit for your home’s décor.

Outdoor Beverage Refrigerators

Transform your backyard into the ultimate summer retreat with one of our outdoor beverage refrigerators. These durable drink chillers are fully encased in stainless steel exteriors to withstand everyday exposure to Mother Nature’s harsh elements. Our outdoor fridges implement powerful fan-forced cooling technology to maintain temperatures in the low/mid 30s, so you’re always guaranteed an ice-cold refreshment—even on the hottest of days. Supplement your deck or pool house with an outdoor beverage refrigerator and supply your next barbecue with an endless supply of cold drinks.

Commercial Beverage Refrigerators

Outfit your restaurant, convenience store or professional kitchen with a premium commercial beverage refrigerator. These refrigeration appliances differ from conventional models in that most have been tested and approved for commercial applications. Choose from our selection of large capacity beverage merchandisers for an attractive display that draws attention from any part of the room. In order to improve efficiency, many of these commercial units feature dual-paned tempered glass to prevent unwanted heating and damage caused by UV rays. Equipped with powerful compressor-based cooling to evenly distribute cool air throughout the interior and eliminate chances for hotspots, these commercial drink coolers will ensure your stock is never at risk.

Side By Side Beverage Refrigerators

Keep your sodas, beer, bottled waters and more chilled to the perfect degree with one of our side-by-side beverage refrigerators. We offer a variety of multi-zone coolers able to simultaneously store multiple types of beverages, so you can conveniently house all your beloved drinks under one appliance. With options for stainless steel French-swing doors and blue LED interior lighting, these side-by-side beverage centers can hold as little as 160—up to 296 cans with ease. Whether you’re in need of a built-in solution to accommodate limited kitchen space or a standalone fridge to supply ultra-cold drinks at your next party, our lineup of side-by-side chillers are some of the coldest on the market.

Compare our diverse collection of beverage refrigerators and shop low prices from leading brands like EdgeStar, Danby, Avanti, Avallon, Summit and more.


Ensuring your wine collection ages properly is a priority for every collector, and the environment in which that collection is aging in will play a prominent role in the process. Whether you are storing your wine in a cellar or a room in your house, it’s important to properly maintain the environment in which your wine collection resides. This includes not only the temperature of the room, but also the humidity levels.

Wine cellar cooling units are designed to help you regulate the environment of your wine room or cellar. And self-contained cooling units are one of the most popular types out there. These cellar coolers provide wine lovers with everything they need to store their wine in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Self-contained cooling systems are notoriously quiet, and multiple exhaust options allow you to install your unit as you please. Cooling systems come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for both residential and commercial wine storage.

Why You Need a Self-Contained Cooling Unit

Without the need for ductwork or refrigeration lines, self-contained cooling units are relatively easy to install and operate. The external temperature-control function allows you to easily modify the temperature and humidity inside your wine room at your convenience. This ensures that your wine remains in an optimal aging condition, protected from external contamination, harmful light and extreme temperatures. Unlike other types of cellar cooling systems, self-contained units contain evaporators that allow them to maintain the perfect humidity level inside your room. Some even boast an alarm system that will notify you if the temperature deviates from where you want it to be. Defrost functions allow you to easily maintain these cooling units by eliminating frost with just a few touches of a button—all while enhancing the systems’ longevity.

If you’re concerned about noise, rest assured that the vast majority of self-contained cellar cooling units offer whisper-quiet operation. This means your cooling system will be suitable for residential use, and you don’t have to worry about excessive noise or a distracting hum of another appliance. Removable grills allow you to easily clean your unit, ensuring that you can easily provide the optimal aging climate for your wine collection for many years to come.

Finding the Best Cellar Cooling Unit For You

We offer many types of through-the-wall wine cooling units that operate in a similar fashion, but some units can cool larger areas than others. Well-known brands such as CellarPro, Wine-Mate, and Breezaire have been manufacturing cellar cooling units for years. Some of these systems arrive fully charged and ready to use, so you can instantly begin the process of cooling down your cabinet or cellar. Many models even utilize an eco-friendly refrigerant, so there is no need to worry about whether or not you are negatively impacting the environment.

The unrivaled silence and convenience of a through-the-wall cooling unit allows you to store your wine without having to worry about noise or contamination. As long as you have a way to vent your unit, a self-contained cellar cooler will provide you with the temperature and humidity control that your wine requires to fully blossom. Because these cooling systems are designed for full-time operation, you can rest assured knowing your wine collection is being cared for on a consistent basis.

No matter the size of your collection, a cellar cooling unit will protect your wine from a variety of issues. Although these coolers are commonly installed in residential settings, we offer an assortment of models able to accommodate commercial applications as well. Browse our selection to find the best option to suit your lifestyle. If you have any questions about this type of cooling unit, please give us a call.