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Relax in Style

If you live in an urban city or are considering moving to one, then you may have realized that home’s with wood-burning fireplaces are hard to come by. While property values are on the rise, the amount of available square footage sadly isn’t, and it can be difficult—near impossible—to find an apartment, condominium or house with enough room to accommodate an electric fireplace.

Chances are you already have a television, so why not invest in a multi-functional appliance that will hold the entirety of your DVD collection, AV equipment and game consoles—all while emitting a warm, fireside glow? Affordable and easy to maintain, fireplace TV stands offer a modern-day convenience for keeping any space comfortable and cozy.

Fireplace TV Stand Benefits

It’s time to ditch your clunky media cabinet! No matter your taste or room’s style of décor, we have an impressive array of console fireplaces that are sure to fit right in. Choose from traditional, transitional and contemporary designs—each with unique, eye-catching finishes—along with convenient features that help declutter your area as much as possible. These consoles also vary in width, so you can find the best unit to complement your television.

Staying warm throughout the chilly fall and winter months is definitely a challenge, but it’s not impossible! Instead of exhausting your HVAC system to heat every room in your home, switch on an electric fireplace and enjoy up to 5,118 BTUs of supplemental heat. Most models come standard with digital control panels that display the set temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, while others utilize g-wave technology—allowing you to activate your fireplace with the wave of a hand. Whenever you get home, switch on the heat-boost function to quickly warm a room; and as the seasons transition to spring/summer, shut off the heater to enjoy decorative flame ambiance—any time of the year!

Media console fireplaces are built for your convenience! Free of costly installation fees, complicated wiring jobs, and time-consuming maintenance work, these easy-to-install decorative heaters are ideal choices for any lifestyle—especially those with very limited free time. Unlike traditional, chimney-based fireplaces which are stationary and permanent, our selection of console units are simple to transport and even simpler to set up. They plug into any standard outlet, so you can avoid the wild goose-chase of trying to find a compatible socket.

Enjoy Warm, Fireside Ambience Today

Whether you are replacing an outdated media cabinet or looking for a supplemental heating source, at Allergy&Air, we have just what you need. Shop models that allow you to customize flame brightness and color, switch between modes and features, and even adjust the set temperature—all from the palm of your hand.

Browse well-known brands like Classic Flame, Dimplex and Real Flame, and take home an electric fireplace that’s engineered for comfort.