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Beautifully Designed, Innovative Heating

What was once a home-necessity for staying warm has since transformed into a modern convenience for the industry of heating. Fireplaces have a rich history that dates back to the prehistoric era, providing users with a life-saving heating source as well as a means for preparing food. As technology advanced, the demand for wood-burning fireplaces steadily decreased; many homes today are now built without any type of furnace, hearth or fireplace.

If you enjoy the visual ambience and supplemental warmth of a traditional fireplace but cannot afford the upkeep or installation costs, then it may be time to invest in a mantel fireplace from Allergy&Air. With more designs, finishes and features than you could imagine, these energy-saving appliances are modern essentials for the everyday renter or homeowner.

Save Money with Electric & Gel Fireplaces

If you live in a dated house or apartment with a wood-burning fireplace already built in, can you recall how many times it has actually been used? Ventilation on its own can become an issue, with occasional cold drafts and extensive maintenance to prevent creosote buildup—which is highly flammable. With no costly installation fees or any form of ventilation required, our selection of electric and gel-fueled mantel fireplaces are ideal alternatives for your home.

Whether it’s in the living room, master bedroom or entertainment area, these eye-catching units are easy to install and simple to use—emitting no type of smoke, soot, ash or creosote, along with a number of other harmful particulates. These eco-friendly appliances tout safety features that allow you to relax free of worry, with glass fronts that remain cool to the touch and durable fireboxes with chainmail screens for added protection. Additional safety features include anti-topple hardware and auto-shutoff functions that ensure your safety is always first in mind.

Unlike traditional mantel fireplaces, which require real seasoned firewood, these high-efficiency models are designed for low-cost operation. Our assortment of indoor electric fireplaces need only a standard outlet, so you can have final say for whichever type of installation you prefer. Gel models are equally as convenient, requiring cans of gel fuel to produce BTUs of warm relief. Because of their ingenious designs and non-permanent applications, these faux fireplaces can be easily transported to any room in need of cozy comfort. And, better yet, once the cold winter months have passed, you can quickly tuck these units away in storage or switch off the heat function for a year-round display (electric models only).

Effortless Integration Amongst Your Decor

No matter your home’s style, whether it’s colonial or contemporary-modern, there are a wide array of mantel types and finishes that will seamlessly blend in with any setting you decide. We carry many different models from leading fireplace brands—each with unique features and functions—that ensure optimal comfort while creating a beautiful display throughout the room.

Choose from traditional and corner-fit fireplaces that vary in hearth design, firebox height as well as the firebox opening—from rectangular and fully arched openings to everything in between. Some units boast handcrafted trim for an extravagant finish that’ll complement any room’s crown molding, while others tout clean lines and minimalist accents—a versatile choice for any set of décor. Brands like Dimplex and Real Flame offer add-on accessories that further enhance your display, with acrylic ice media and realistic log displays, along with glass door kits and expandable decorative trim kits.

Your Dream Display is Only a Click Away

Whether you prefer the advanced and customizable technology of an electric fireplace or the clean-burning warmth that a gel-powered unit supplies, our ever-growing collection of mantel fireplaces will easily enhance any space with BTUs of supplemental heat.

Create the built-in illusion you’ve always wanted without the taxing hassle of maintenance or installation costs.