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An Endless Supply of Ice on Your Countertop

If you enjoy the benefits of owning a built-in ice machine but live in a home where undercounter installations aren’t possible, then it’s time to consider investing in a portable ice maker. Paying premium prices on bags of ice at your local convenience store may seem like a waste, and you’re right. At WineCoolerDirect, we know you’ll find the perfect solution for supplementing any space with up to 48 pounds of pure, restaurant-quality ice. Although these appliances are very compact, we offer a wide variety of models with different production capacities, styles, features and finishes, so you can choose the right ice maker to suit your lifestyle.

Portable Ice Makers for Every Situation

Whether it’s in your RV, sitting on the counter, or kept in the media room, portable ice machines feature slim designs that allow them to fit in the most cramped of spaces. Many units stand no taller than 15 inches, so you can rest assured knowing your ice maker will fit perfectly under any set of cabinetry. We proudly carry portable ice brands such as EdgeStar, Koldfront, and Danby, each with unique functions that set them apart from the other. For example, Danby’s ice makers use “ice ready” alarms to notify you whenever the bins are full of fresh ice, and even have controls to adjust the ice density.

We’ve all had that fridge that is either overflowing with too much ice or not producing nearly enough. Thankfully, EdgeStar ice machines feature automatic on/off timers that allow you to fully customize when your unit creates ice.

There are a multitude of ice shapes and sizes to choose from depending on your preference, including crescent, pearl and gourmet-shaped ice. Depending on the brand and type of ice machine, the shape and size will vary.

Unlike undercounter ice machines that require an inlet water supply to produce ice, portable ice makers can be installed virtually anywhere there’s an outlet. These compact units feature internal reservoirs that provide up to 48 pounds of ice per day, and take as little as 10 minutes to create the first ready-to-serve batch. And, whenever they’re running low on water, you’ll be notified with unique LEDs that illuminate on the control panel.

The best thing about these ice machines is that you’ll actually save more water than if you used a built-in ice maker. While large undercounter units are constantly pulling in fresh water from your water line, portable ice makers are designed to recycle and refreeze melted ice to create even more ice. This reduces the amount of trips you’ll have to make filling up the reservoir, so you can finally kick back and relax with an ice-cold beverage.

Portable ice makers are versatile additions to any setting, providing supplemental amounts of ice that’s perfect for you and your family—or that party you’ve been wanting to host. Navigate through our vast collection of ice makers and supply your home with endless amounts of great-tasting ice.