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Water filter pitchers provide consumers with a simple and fast way to remove contaminants from their tap water. Unlike many other filtration systems, these water pitchers are affordable and easy to install, making a huge difference in your quality of water. Over the last few decades, there has been a huge debate over the true quality of municipal water sources; some say the water is safe while others assert that it is dangerous. Our selection of water pitchers can easily cut through this dispute, supplying you and your family with fresh, clean water.

Ensure your household’s water supply is free of abrasive chemicals, harmful minerals and other impurities—and enjoy the many health benefits a water filter pitcher can provide.

What Exactly Does a Water Filter Pitcher Remove?

While you may have a general understanding on where the majority of our drinking water stems from (i.e. groundwater, surface water), how does it get contaminated—and with what exactly? Water filter pitchers can remove a wide variety of contaminants from your drinking water, including the following types:

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and iron are sporadically found in some water sources. These metals can be immensely dangerous if consumed in large quantities, so it’s best if they are avoided at all costs. Frequent consumption of these minerals can lead to life-threating conditions such as lead poisoning and cancer. Other metals may include arsenic, barium, copper, selenium and nickel—just to name a few. These inorganic substances are commonly found in our supply due to runoff wastewater, mining and other man-made activities, as well as other natural processes.


Fluoride is one of the most widely-known water contaminants. This compound is the primary ingredient in toothpaste, but it is commonly added to municipal water supplies as well. There has been a huge debate over this practice, with many people flocking to both sides of the issue. The long-term detrimental effects of fluoride in drinking water have not been studied extensively. One of the most common sources of fluoride comes from phosphorite rock, more specifically the mineral apatite, which has a high phosphate and fluoride content.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs for short, include a variety of herbicides, pesticides and other industrial chemicals. These abrasive contaminants are frequently deposited into water sources around the world and usually result from agricultural and industrial runoff.

The impact and prevalence of these chemicals are debatable, but the health benefits of clean water are not. A water filter pitcher has the capability to remove these chemicals in a relatively short period of time. They are the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to consume the aforementioned contaminants.

An Alternative to Bottled Water

Many people have claimed that bottled water is an acceptable alternative to water filter pitchers. These claims have given rise to many critics of bottled water due to the following reasons. Bottled water is extremely expensive, as well as one of the largest sources of waste on the planet. These plastic bottles contain many man-made chemicals, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), which have been thought to pollute the water as well as cause health problems.

Water filter pitchers combat all of the issues above and help you to sustain the environment while doing so. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars a year on bottled water when a single pitcher can provide clean water for just as long.

The Benefits of Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitchers use activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, to remove many of the contaminants that are commonly found in municipal water sources. They are fairly inexpensive and are capable of removing chlorine and other heavy metals from your drinking water. The plastic bodies are BPA free, and unlike water bottles, you will never have to worry about consuming contaminants from the container itself. When you need more water, simply refill the unit at your own convenience. There is no installation required, and their portable nature allows you to take them anywhere.

The filtration systems within our pitchers are well-suited to remove chemicals, sediments and bacteria up to eight times faster than competing brands. This process also increases the water’s pH, which in turn provides you with numerous antioxidants and a wide range of hydration properties. In short, your water is not only cleaner, but significantly healthier and better tasting. The pitcher itself is extremely durable, and you will only need to replace the carbon filter periodically.

Stop Worrying About Contaminants

There will be no need to worry about your family consuming polluted drinking water after purchasing a water filter pitcher. Here at Allergy&Air, we offer a wide selection of EPA-approved filtration systems—all at affordable prices that can’t be. Don’t tolerate a tainted water supply any longer, browse our catalog of water filtration and find your ideal solution today.