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Ensuring your wine collection ages properly is a priority for every collector, and the environment in which that collection is aging in will play a prominent role in the process. Whether you are storing your wine in a cellar or a room in your house, it’s important to properly maintain the environment in which your wine collection resides. This includes not only the temperature of the room, but also the humidity levels.

Wine cellar cooling units are designed to help you regulate the environment of your wine room or cellar. And self-contained cooling units are one of the most popular types out there. These cellar coolers provide wine lovers with everything they need to store their wine in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Self-contained cooling systems are notoriously quiet, and multiple exhaust options allow you to install your unit as you please. Cooling systems come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for both residential and commercial wine storage.

Why You Need a Self-Contained Cooling Unit

Without the need for ductwork or refrigeration lines, self-contained cooling units are relatively easy to install and operate. The external temperature-control function allows you to easily modify the temperature and humidity inside your wine room at your convenience. This ensures that your wine remains in an optimal aging condition, protected from external contamination, harmful light and extreme temperatures. Unlike other types of cellar cooling systems, self-contained units contain evaporators that allow them to maintain the perfect humidity level inside your room. Some even boast an alarm system that will notify you if the temperature deviates from where you want it to be. Defrost functions allow you to easily maintain these cooling units by eliminating frost with just a few touches of a button—all while enhancing the systems’ longevity.

If you’re concerned about noise, rest assured that the vast majority of self-contained cellar cooling units offer whisper-quiet operation. This means your cooling system will be suitable for residential use, and you don’t have to worry about excessive noise or a distracting hum of another appliance. Removable grills allow you to easily clean your unit, ensuring that you can easily provide the optimal aging climate for your wine collection for many years to come.

Finding the Best Cellar Cooling Unit For You

We offer many types of through-the-wall wine cooling units that operate in a similar fashion, but some units can cool larger areas than others. Well-known brands such as CellarPro, Wine-Mate, and Breezaire have been manufacturing cellar cooling units for years. Some of these systems arrive fully charged and ready to use, so you can instantly begin the process of cooling down your cabinet or cellar. Many models even utilize an eco-friendly refrigerant, so there is no need to worry about whether or not you are negatively impacting the environment.

The unrivaled silence and convenience of a through-the-wall cooling unit allows you to store your wine without having to worry about noise or contamination. As long as you have a way to vent your unit, a self-contained cellar cooler will provide you with the temperature and humidity control that your wine requires to fully blossom. Because these cooling systems are designed for full-time operation, you can rest assured knowing your wine collection is being cared for on a consistent basis.

No matter the size of your collection, a cellar cooling unit will protect your wine from a variety of issues. Although these coolers are commonly installed in residential settings, we offer an assortment of models able to accommodate commercial applications as well. Browse our selection to find the best option to suit your lifestyle. If you have any questions about this type of cooling unit, please give us a call.